Matt started training retrievers out of necessity. He got a little black ball of fire when he was just 18 years old. Though crude, at the time, he trained that dog into a phenomal hunting companion. His next dog, HRCH MHR Gator JH, really fueld the fire which created his business today. Gator retrieved over 10,000 birds before retiring early due to a broken hip and major surgery. As a result of those two dogs, Matt began training retrievers part time for folks locally and held a full time job. When interst grew with more folks interested in having him train their retrievers to the peak of their ability, Matt made the decison to leave his full time job with the State of Maryland and pursue retriever training full time. Since then, Matt has taken a differnt outlook on "Force" and compulsion and does everything he can to exploit what these dogs will naturally and enthusiastically do, while using as little pressure as is needed to generate the desire response. Matt now trains and has titled many dogs for other outfitters and clients as far west as Wisconsin and Colorado. Equally, being an avid waterfowl hunting who has traveled 3/4 of the US chasing waterfowl, Matt knows what a waterfowl hunter needs in a waterfowl dog.