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Retriever programs

Early Exposure Puppy Program

Setting 10 week - 5 month old puppies up for success. Proper exposure to live birds, dead birds, water, gunfire, obedience and potty training. Foundation is key!

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Basic Gundog

Basic gundog consists of force fetch, collar conditioing, teaching a dog how to mark, steadiness, place, formalizing obedience, exposure to live and dead birds, gunfire and decoys. For those who do, we also train from our boats in a duck hunting scenario.

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Advanced Gundog

Advanced gundogs can retreive multiple marked retrieves, as well as, retrieve birds that fell unseen through whistle commands and hand signals. A finished dog is steady and a pleasure to hunt in any scenario.

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Hunt Test Training

We offer both HRC and AKC hunting retriever training. We train all our gundogs to a very high standard; the training does'nt change, the letters before and after their name does!

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Our Facility

Our FacilityOur FacilityOur Facility
We operate a 15 dog climate controlled indoor kennel. Our facility has a training pond on site and technical ponds offsite. The kennel has a 6,400 square foot fenced in airing yard and we live on site. Our vet makes routine kennel visits, providing the utmost care for all of the dogs with us.


Available Puppies, Started Retrievers and Stud Service

HRCH Goose Creeks Here Comes The Boom MH

Available at stud to approved females

HRCH Boomer MH x HR Timber JH (2 SH passes)

HRCH Boomer MH x HR Ember SH Spring 2020 Breeding

The best big water dogs on the east coast!

HRCH Boomer MH x SHR Dixie JH

A wonderful pairing for the waterfowl hunter or competitive home.

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Sea Duck Hunting

Layout and boat hunting seaducks on Maryland's Eastern Shore over the best gun dogs on the East Coast.

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Sika Hunting

100% successful bow hunting trips for Maryland's Sika deer.

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  • Cambridge, Maryland, United States

About Us

About UsAbout UsAbout Us
We are a small, 20 dog, family run program. Our puppies grow up in our home with our children and our older dogs in training enjoy time with our family, group play and exercise in the river. We know your dogs are a member of your family, so while here, they're a member of ours. Goose Creek Outfitters & Retrievers is proudly sponsored by Eukanuba Sporting Dog, Retay Arms, Sitka Gear, and Dogtra Electronics.